Reproduction in animals Worksheet-5

Reproduction in animals Worksheet-5


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Babies born through in vitro fertilization technique are called-

(A) Artificial babies                     (B) Test -tube babies

(C) Both                                         (D) None


  1. The stage of the embryo in which all the body parts can be identified is called-

(A) Zygote         (B) Morula        (C) Blastula       (D) None


Multiple Response:

  1. The process in which plants and animals produce offspring of their own type is /are

(A) Sexual reproduction             (B) Asexual reproduction

(C) Polyembryony                        (D) None


  1. Which of these are male reproductive structure-

(A) Testes                                       (B) Vas deference

(C) Beard                                        (D) Vagina

(E) Penis


  1. A human sperm has following structures-

(A) Head            (B) Tail               (C) Trunk          (D) Body

(E) Middle piece


  1. The female reproductive organs are-

(A) Ovary           (B) Oviduct       (C) Vagina         (D) Penis

(E) Vas deference


  1. What happens during sexual reproduction?

(A) Formation of gametes          (B) Fertilization

(C) Budding formation               (D) Division of nucleus

(E) Development of embryo


  1. Which of these are oviparous?

(A) Dolphin       (B) Whale          (C) Ostrich        (D) Snakes

(E) Bat               (F) Lizard


  1. Which of these are viviparous?

(A) Dolphin       (B) Whale          (C) Ostrich        (D) Snakes

(E) Bat               (F) Lizard


  1. In which of the following internal fertilization occurs?

(A) Fish              (B) Insects         (C) Birds            (D) Reptiles

(E) Mammals


  1. In which of the following external fertilization occurs?

(A) Fish              (B) Birds            (C) Frog             (D) Reptiles

(E) Mammals


  1. What are the distinct stages in the development of frog?

(A) Fertilized egg                         (B) Tadpole

(C) Maggot                                    (D) Frog

(E) Nymph


  1. What is/are true about Dolly?

(A) Dolly died on 14th February 2003

(B) Dolly is formed by Ian Wilmut

(C) Dolly is a clone of horse

(D) Dolly was identical to that sheep from which the nucleus was taken.

(E) Dolly was developed in Roslin Institute in Edinburgh


Answer key:

  1. (B)

  2. (D)

  3. (A,B)

  4. (A,B,E)

  5. (A,B,E)

  6. (A,B,C)

  7. (A,B,E)

  8. (C,D,F)

  9. (A,B,E)

  10. (C,D,E)

  11. (A,C)

  12. (A,B,D)

  13. (A,B,D,E)