Microorganisms friends and foe Worksheet-12

Microorganisms friends and foe Worksheet-12


Answer the following Questions:

  1. Describe the role of blue-green algae in fertility of soil.

  2. Name three habitats of microorganisms.

  3. Name the bacterium found in the roots of pea plant. How is this bacterium useful for human beings?                                                                                                

  4. What are communicable diseases? Name any two communicable diseases.    

  5. What is a vaccine? Why is it important to vaccinate small children?            

  6. What is vaccination?

  7. Mention two important uses of fungi.

  8. Name any two diseases caused by viruses and protozoan.

  9. How is pasteurised milk obtained?

  10. Draw a neat and well labeled diagram of Spirogyra.

  11. Draw a labelled diagram of Rhizopus.

  12. Draw a labelled diagram of Chlamydomonas.

  13. Draw a labelled diagram of Amoeba.

  14. Differentiate between antibodies and antibiotics.

  15. How are viruses different from other microorganisms?

  16. Give two examples where microorganisms are useful at home.

  17. How are microorganisms useful commercially?

  18. How do microorganisms clean the environment?

  19. (a) What are communicable diseases?

       (b) Name two such diseases.

  1. How can we prevent a person from getting Hepatitis B?

  2. Name one disease caused by bacteria and one disease caused by virus in cattle.

  3. How can we control plant diseases?

  4. Why do we use oil and vinegar to preserve vegetables and fruits?

  5. Why do we keep milk in the refrigerator during summers?

  6. Why do we boil milk before storing?

  7. How are dry fruits preserved?

  8. Draw a well-labeled diagram of Paramecium.

  9. Draw a labeled diagram of Penicillium.

  10. (a) Name the scientist who discovered the vaccine for smallpox.

      (b) Who discovered the bacterium which causes anthrax disease?