Air around us Worksheet-2

Air around us Worksheet-2


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. As time goes by, and water goes through the water cycle again and again, the amount of water on Earth:

(a) Goes up and down                    (b) Decreases

(c) Stays the same                           (d) Increases


  1. Once water makes it all the way through the water cycle, the water _____.

(a) Can take a break for awhile

(b) Starts the cycle over again

(c) Is done with its journey

(d) Has beaten that cycle and moves on to a more advanced cycle


  1. The water that was around when dinosaurs roamed the Earth:

(a) Is about halfway gone

(b) Would be really dirty if it were still around

(c) Is gone, and has been for a long time

(d) Is the same water we use today


  1. There are ____ stages in the water cycle.

(a) 2                     (b) 3                     (c) 4                     (d) 5


  1. When the Sun heats up the water of the puddle in the backyard and turns it into water vapour, this process is known as ________.

(a) Condensation                             (b) Evaporation

(c) Precipitation                               (d) Collection


  1. In the collection stage of the water cycle, water goes back into the oceans, streams, and rivers due to ________.

(a) People

(b) The suction force that comes from large bodies of water

(c) Animals that carry the water back

(d) Gravity and the fact that things tend to flow downhill


  1. During respiration, we utilize__________ and give out __________.

(a) Oxygen, carbon dioxide            (b) Carbon dioxide, Oxygen

(c) Methane, oxygen                       (d) Oxygen, carbon monoxide


  1. __________ constitutes about 78% of air.

(a) Oxygen                                       (b) Argon  

(c) Carbon dioxide                           (d) Nitrogen


  1. Air is a __________ of gases.

(a) mixture                                       (b) precipitate    

(c) solution                                       (d) condensed matter


  1. Plants take in __________ during photosynthesis.

(a) oxygen                                        (b) carbon dioxide

(c) nitrogen                                      (d) carbon


Answer Key:

  1. (c)
  2. (b)
  3. (d)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)
  6. (d)
  7. (a)
  8. (d)
  9. (a)
  10. (b)