Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-3

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-3


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Which of the following cause/s humidity and rain?

(a) Planets                   (b) Moon                     (c) Sun


  1. What is the water vapour present in the air called?

(a) Humidity               (b) Wind                      (c) Pressure


  1. _____ rises up in the air when it gets heated.

(a) Water vapour      (b) Water                    (c) Ice


  1. Dust particles present in the air form tiny droplets of water when ______.

(a) heated                    (b) condensed             (c) melted


  1. When water vapours are formed, water droplets come together to form ______.

(a) rain                         (b) snow                       (c) clouds


  1. When the clouds become _____, they are not able to hold water droplets.

(a) saturated               (b) unsaturated


  1. In what form do water droplets in the clouds fall down as?

(a) Dew                        (b) Rain                        (c) Snow


  1. What is the blanket of the air that surrounds the Earth called?

(a) Atmosphere          (b) Lithosphere          (c) Thermosphere


  1. What is a gentle wind called?

(a) Storm                     (b) Gale                        (c) Breeze


  1. What is a strong wind called?

(a) Storm                     (b) Gale                        (c) Breeze


Answer Key:

(1)-c; (2)-a; (3)-a; (4)-b; (5)-c; (6)-a; (7)-b; (8)-a; (9)-c; (10)-b