English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-34

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-34


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT effect sentence for the following cause sentence.

Jay fell off his scooter, _____

A. His dad bought him the scooter on his birthday.

B. he broke his leg.

C. Jay rides his scooter after school.

D. "Amit wanted a ride in Jays scooter."


  1. Select the CORRECT meaning of the phrase in bracket.

Tim had a (face-to-face) meeting with his manager about the new project.

A. On telephone                           B. On computer

C. Through mail                           D. In person


  1. I was away _____ two weeks.

A. from               B. by                  C. at                    D. for


  1. Aakash was born in ____ California.

A. the                  B. a                      C. an                 D. no article needed


  1. Identify the complete subject.

The house behind the lake belongs to my uncle.

A. belongs to my uncle                B. house

C. The house behind the lake     D. lake


  1. Identify the adjective/s in the following sentence.

"Anandas mother gives her a weekly allowance."

A. allowance     B. weekly           C. Ananda         D. mother


  1. She opened the packet and filled her mouth with gooey stuff.

Select the adjective in the following sentence.

A. gooey             B. filled              C. mouth            D. stuff


  1. Where ______ she live these days?

A. do                   B. done               C. have               D. does


  1. Which sentence is an example of past tense?

A. The gym was closed when we arrived.

B. They were staying at the Wilson Park Hotel.

C. I worked all day on my yard.

D. all of these


  1. I _____ many calls everyday.

A. receiving       B. receives         C. receive           D. right


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-D; (3)-D; (4)-D; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-A; (8)-D; (9)-C; (10)-C