Basics of Physics Worksheet-3

Basics of Physics Worksheet-3


  1. What kind of circuit is shown in the picture?

(a) Series circuit                            (b) Parallel circuit

(c) Simple circuit                          (d) Dual circuit


  1. What is the function of an electrical generator?

(a) It converts heat energy into electrical energy

(b) It converts mechanical energy (rotation) into electrical energy

(c) It converts chemical energy into electrical energy

(d) It converts solar energy into electrical energy


  1. What is the correct term of the static electricity created when positive and negative charges are separated and build up in a place?

(a) Charge collection                   (b) Charger

(c) Voltage                                     (d) Current


  1. Which wave form has the highest frequency?

(a) Orange         (b) Green           (c) Blue               (d) Purple


  1. What kind of energy is light?

(a) Mechanical energy                 (b) Electromagnetic energy

(c) Chemical energy                     (d) Nuclear energy


  1. What is shown in the above picture?

(a) Speaker                                     (b) Microphone

(c) Instrument                               (d) Radar


  1. If an object is reflecting all colors, what color will it appear?

(a) Transparent                             (b) Black

(c) White                                         (d) Bright Blue


  1. Earth's magnetic poles are ____________ the earth's geographic poles.

(a) bigger than                               (b) smaller than       

(c) not the same as                        (d) same as


  1. A sound energy will always have ____________.

(a) Fire               (b) Vibrations   (c) Colors           (d) Magnetism


  1. Which of these is not a source of Electrical Energy?

(a) Battery                                       (b) Generator

(c) Lightening Bolt                        (d) Table Fan


Answer Key:

(1)–(a); (2)–(b); (3)–(c); (4)–(d); (5)–(b); (6)–(b); (7)–(c); (8)–(c); (9)–(b); (10)–(d)