Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-12

Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-12



  1. Species

  2. Endemic species

  3. Extinct species

  4. Endangered species

  5. Biodiversity

  6. Habitat

  7. Migration

  8. Deforestation

  9. Reforestation

  10. Wildlife sanctuaries

  11. National Parks

  12. Flora

  13. Fauna


Answer the following (1 Mark)

  1. What is meant by deforestation?

  2. What name is given to gradual conversion of fertile land into deserts?

  3. What is meant by biosphere?

  4. Define biodiversity.

  5. What are Biosphere reserves?

  6. What is meant by flora and fauna of a place?

  7. Define species.

  8. What are endemic species?

  9. What is meant by Wildlife sanctuaries?

  10. What are National Parks?

  11. What are endangered animals?

  12. Why has the survival of some animals become difficult?

  13. What is meant by ecosystem?

  14. What is Red Data Book?

  15. What are migratory birds?

  16. What is meant by reforestation?

  17. Name the first Reserve Forest of India?

  18. Name two animals which have become extinct.

  19. Name two wildlife sanctuaries of India.

  20. Name two endangered species of animals.

  21. Why should soil be conserved?

  22. Name two animal species which have become extinct in the past years.

  23. Give one word for species found only in a particular area.

  24. Name the organisation that produces the Red List.