Crop production and management Worksheet-9

Crop production and management Worksheet-9


  1. Arrange the following boxes in proper order to make a flow chart of sugarcane crop production:


  1. Complete the following word puzzle with the help of clues given below:


1. Providing water to the crops. (Irrigation)

2. Keeping crop grains for a long time under proper conditions. (storage)

5. Certain plants of the same kind grown on a large scale.(crop)


3. A machine used for cutting the matured crops.(Harvester)

4. A rabi crop that is also one of the pulses. (gram)

6. A process of separating the grain from chaff.


Answer the Following:

  1. What are weeds?

  2. Define Pisciculture.

  3. What is threshing?

  4. What are crops?

  5. What is the basis of classification of crops in our country?

  6. What are kharif 'crops?

  7. Name two kharif crops.

  8. What are summer crops?

  9. Name two summer season crops.

  10. What are rabi crops?

  11. Name two rabi crops.

  12. Why paddy cannot be grown in the summer season?

  13. What is meant by agricultural practices

  14. Write a paragraph in your own words on preparation of soil.

  15. What name is given to loosening and turning of soil?

  16. Name the tool used for tilling of soil.

  17. What are crumbs?

  18. How are crumbs broken?



  1. 5, 6, 4, 7, 2, 3, 1