Life Processes Worksheet-34

Life Processes Worksheet-34


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The fluid in the space between the tissue cell is called _____fluid.


  1. In ____ circulatory system, blood is carried through a system of blood vessels.


  1. _______ is a muscular pumping organ covered by tough fibrous membrane.


  1. ______ is double layered tough fibrous membrane covering heart.


  1. The upper two chambers of heart are called _____.


  1. The lower two chambers of heart are called_____.


  1. The two right and left part of the heart are separated from each other by a partition called ____.


  1. ______ arises from the left ventricle which carries oxygenated blood to tissues.


  1. _______ arises from the right ventricle which carries deoxygenated blood to lungs.


  1. In human beings, blood enters _____ in heart to complete one cardiac cycle.


  1. The ______ circulation of blood begins in the left ventricle and ends in right atrium.


  1. The _____ circulation of blood starts in the right ventricle and ends in the left atrium.


  1. ____ valve separates the cavities of atrium and ventricle and prevents backflow of blood.


  1. ____ of water and minerals takes place through roots.


  1. The transport system moves ______ from leaves to storage organs and ____ from roots to leaves.


  1. The water conducting system of plants involves _______ tissue.


  1. Water in root hairs is absorbed through a thin outer layer known as _____.


  1. In plants, Water moves upward through the xylem vessels because of the suction pressure or pull created by _____.


  1. The loss of _______ as ______ from the aerial parts of the plant is known as transpiration.


  1. Transport of soluble products of photosynthesis is energy based and therefore it is called as _____.


  1. Vascular bundle present in plants are comprised of _______ and _____ tissues mainly.


  1. The only cellular living component in xylem tissue of plants is _____.


  1. The only cellular dead component in phloem tissue of plants is _____.


  1. The sugar stored in the root or stem tissue of a plant would be transported through _______ to the buds which need energy to grow.


  1. Sugar is stored as _______ in plants.



  1. tissue fluid

  2. closed

  3. heart

  4. pericardium

  5. auricles/atria

  6. ventricles

  7. septum

  8. Aorta

  9. pulmonary artery

  10. twice

  11. systemic

  12. pulmonary

  13. atrioventricular

  14. Absorption

  15. Food, water

  16. Xylem

  17. epidermis

  18. transpiration

  19. Water, water vapour

  20. translocation

  21. xylem, phloem

  22. parenchyma

  23. fibers

  24. phloem

  25. starch