Math Olympiad Grade 3 Clock and Calendar Worksheet-5

Clock and Calendar Worksheet-5


  1. Below is the picture of a dial with only one hand. The hand takes eight minutes to go around once. Where will the dial be after 18 minutes if it starts at 1?

       (a) 1                     (b) 2                    (c) 3                    (d) 4


  1. Saloni started her homework at quarter past 5 and finished it in 45 minutes. What time did she finish her homework?

       (a) 5:45              (b) 6:00              (c) 6:15               (d) 6:05


  1. The race starts at 2:58 p.m. and is supposed to last 4 hours and 17 minutes. When is the race supposed to end?

       (a) 6:55 p.m.                                  (b) 7:15 p.m.

       (c) 7:55 p.m.                                  (d) 8:15 p.m.

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  1. Jhansi went to attend her Mathematics class at 9:45 and came out at 11:40. What was the duration of her Mathematics class?

       (a) 1 hour 55 minutes                  (b) 1 hour 45 minutes

       (c) 1 hour 30 minutes                  (d) 1 hour 50 minutes


  1. How many rounds does the hour hand complete in a day?

       (a) 1                     (b) 3                    (c) 2                              (d) 12


  1. Manisha is celebrating Diwali with her friends. She knew that fire crackers can be burst only till 11 P.M. The time being shown by the wall clock now is:

       For how much more time can Manisha and her friends enjoy bursting crackers?

       (a) 60. Minutes                              (b) 40 minutes

       (c) 30 minutes                               (d) 20 minutes


  1. How much time has passed between the two clocks?

       (a) 35 minutes  (b) 30 minutes  (c) 40 minutes (d) 25 minutes


  1. The month with neither 31 days nor 30 days is:

       (a) February     (b) April             (c) November   (d) December


  1. What time does the clock show?

       (a) quarter to 10                           (b) quarter past 9     

       (c) 6 o'clock                                    (d) half past 9


  1. How much time does long hand of a clock take to complete its three rounds?

       (a) 2 hours                                     (b) 2 hours 30 minutes

       (c) 60 minutes                              (d) 3 hours



(1)–B; (2)–B; (3)–B; (4)–A; (5)–C; (6)–C; (7)–A; (8)–A; (9)–D; (10)–D