Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-5

Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-5


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Carbon can form long chains due to its ____ property.

  2. In diamond, each carbon atom is bonded to _____ carbon atoms.

  3. There are _____ Pentagonal rings in Buckminster fullerene.

  4. _______ is the general name of the class of compounds having general CnH2n–2.

  5. The next higher homologue of Heptyne is _______.

  6. The name of functional group present in CH3 – CH = CH – CH3 is ____.

  7. _____ burn in air with a yellow sooty flame.


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Buckminster fullerene is used as lubricant because:

(A) Of its ball like structure                 (B) It is soft and greasy


  1. The IUPAC name of is:

(A) Ethyl propyl ketone               (B) Pentanone

(C) Hexanone                                (D) Heptanone


  1. The structural formula of fifth member of the homologous series of ketone is:

(A) C2H5COC3H7                              (B) C5H11CHO

(C) C2H5COC2H5                              (D) None of these


  1. What is the IUPAC name of given compound CH3 – CH2 – CH2 – C ≡ CH

(A) Pentene         (B) Pentane     (C) Pentyne       (D) Cyclopentane


  1. The IUPAC name of the given compound is:

(A) Propanal       (B) Butanal  (C) Pentanal        (D) Propyl aldehyde


  1. Which of the following is the structural formula of bromohexane?






  1. What are the products formed in the given reaction?

(A)                            (B)

(C)                           (D) All of these


  1. What are the products formed when propane reacts with chlorine in the presence of sunlight?

(A) Ethyl chloride + HCI            (B) Chloro propane + HCI

(C) di-chloro propane + HCI     (D) Tri-chloro propane + HCI


Answer key:

  1. Catenation

  2. 4/ four

  3. 12/ twelve

  4. Alkynes/Alkyne

  5. Octyne

  6. Alkene/Alkenes

  7. Unsaturated hydrocarbons/Unsaturated hydrocarbon

  8. (A)

  9. (C)

  10. (C)

  11. (C)

  12. (B)

  13. (D)

  14. (A)

  15. (B)