Changes around us Worksheet-1

Changes around us Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The three physical states of water are__________ (reversible/ irreversible)
  2. Burning of paper is a/an ___________ change.
  3. Ice can be changed back to water by melting, so it is called a ________ change.
  4. Molten ice cream can be changed back to its _______ form.
  5. Growth in animals and plants is an example of ________ change.
  6. _______ of milk is done by adding lemon juice to milk for making cottage cheese.
  7. Burning is _______ change.
  8. Changes in which no new substances are formed are called _______ changes.
  9. Cooking of food, growth in plants and animals, burning of substances are _________ changes.
  10. Ripening of fruits is an example of _________ change.
  11. Freezing of water is an example of ________ change.
  12. Tearing of paper is a _________ change.
  13. _________ causes water to change into steam.
  14. James Prescott Joule studied the nature of heat, and discovered its relationship to ________ work.
  15. Water expands on heating; it is called _________ in liquids.


Answer Key:

  1. Reversible
  2. irreversible/ chemical
  3. reversible/ physical
  4. solid /original
  5. chemical
  6. curdling
  7. irreversible/ chemical
  8. physical
  9. irreversible/ chemical
  10. irreversible/ chemical
  11. reversible/ physical
  12. Physical/ reversible
  13. heating/ heat
  14. mechanical
  15. expansion