Life Processes Worksheet-31

Life Processes Worksheet-31


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Where amoeba does digests its food?

(a) Nucleus       (b) Vacuole       (c) Lysosome    (d) Cytoplasm


  1. Enzyme ptyalin is secreted by which gland?

(a) Pancreas     (b) Liver             (c) Gastric         (d) Salivary


  1. Digestion of lipids can occur in which part of alimentary canal?

(a) Buccal cavity                           (b) Stomach

(c) small intestine                        (d) large intestine


  1. Which enzyme helps in breakdown of starch to maltose in small intestine?

(a) Salivary amylase                    (b) Pancreatic amylase

(c) Intestinal lipase                      (d) Pancreatic lipase


  1. Which digestive juice participates in emulsification of fats?

(a) Gastric juice                            (b) Pancreatic juice

(c) Bile juice                                  (d) Intestinal juice


  1. Which of the following part of alimentary canal do not perform digestion?

(a) Buccal cavity                           (b) Oesophagus

(c) Stomach                                   (d) Small intestine


  1. Gastric glands are located in which part of the stomach?

(a) Inner epithelial lining           (b) Outer epithelial lining

(c) Cavity                                        (d) Everywhere in stomach


  1. Lipids are made up of ______ molecular units?

(a) Amino acids                             (b) Monosaccharides

(c) Fatty acids                                (d) Nucleotide


  1. Which is the most simplified form of protein?

(a) Peptone                                    (b) Peptide       

(c) Polypeptide                              (d) Amino acid


  1. The removal of Undigested food material from the body is called

          (a) Egestion      (b) filtration      (c) Excretion     (d) digestion



  1. (b)

  2. (d)

  3. (c)

  4. (b)

  5. (c)

  6. (b)

  7. (a)

  8. (c)

  9. (d)

  10. (a)