Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-2

Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-2


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Leopard, wild dog, wolf, etc. are examples of the _______.

  2. ________ species are those species of plants and animals which are found exclusively in a particular area.

  3. ________ is a group of populations which are capable of interbreeding. 

  4. ________ provide protection and suitable living conditions to wild animals.

  5. An/a ________ is made of all the plants, animals and microorganisms in an area along with non-living components such as climate, soil.

  6. ___________ National Park is the first Reserve Forest of India.

  7. The finest Indian teak is found in _______ forest.

  8. A total of ______ rock shelters have been identified in Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

  9. _______ was launched by the government to protect the tigers in the country.

  10. Animals whose numbers are diminishing to a level that they might face extinction are known as the ______ animals.

  11. Black buck, white eyed buck, elephant, golden cat, pink headed duck, gharial, marsh crocodile, python, rhinoceros are ________ species.

  12. ________ keeps a record of all the endangered animals and plants. 

  13. _______ is restocking of the destroyed forests by planting new trees.

  14. Migratory birds fly to far away places because of ______ changes.



  1. (Fauna)

  2. (Endemic)

  3. (Species)

  4. (Wildlife sanctuaries)

  5. (Ecosystem)

  6. (Satpura)

  7. (Satpura)

  8. (55)

  9. (Project Tiger)

  10. (Endangered)

  11. (Endangered)

  12. (Red data book)

  13. (Reforestation)

  14. (climatic)