Materials: Metals and non-metals Worksheet-2

Materials: Metals and non-metals Worksheet-2


  1. What is the product formed when sulphur reacts with oxygen?

A. Sulphuric acid                          B. Sulphur trioxide

C. Sulphurous acid                      D. Sulphur dioxide


  1. When sulphur dioxide is dissolve in water the product formed is -

A. Sulphur                                      B. Sulphur trioxide

C. Sulphuric acid                          D. Sulphurous acid


  1. What is the chemical formula of sodium sulphite?

A. NaHSO­3        B. Na2SO3        C. Na2SO4         D. Na2S


  1. The aqueous solution of carbon dioxide will change the colour of litmus paper to ____.

A. Red                B. Blue               C. Yellow           D. Green


  1. Oxides of non metals are ____ in nature

A. Basic                                          B. Acidic

C. Neutral                                      D. All of these


  1. Sodium metal is stored in-

A. Water            B. Alcohol          C. Kerosene       D. Ether


  1. Which of the following metal reacts vigorously with oxygen and water?

A. Aluminium                               B. Potassium

C. Calcium                                     D. Magnesium


  1. Which non-metal catches fire if exposed to air?

A. Sodium                                      B. Phosphorous

C. Calcium                                     D. Uranium


  1. What is the chemical formula of Cuppric sulphide?

A. CuSO4           B. CuS                C. Cu2S               D. Cu2S2O3


  1. Which gas is produced when metals react with acids?

A. Oxygen                                       B. Nitrogen

C. Hydrogen                                  D. Carbon dioxide




  1. D

Explanation: S + O2 → SO2

When sulphur is burnt in air or oxygen sulphur dioxide gas is formed.


  1. C

Explanation: Sulphur dioxide dissolves in water producing sulphurous acid.


  1. B

Explanation: NaHSO3 is sodium bisulphite, Na­2SO3 is sodium sulphite, Na­2SO4 is sodium sulphate, Na2S is sodium sulphide


  1. A

Explanation: The aqueous solution of carbon dioxide is acidic in nature hence it will change the colour of litmus paper to red.

Acids turn blue litmus red.


  1. B


  1. C

Explanation: Sodium is highly reactive and on exposure to air its surface gets tarnished hence it is kept in kerosene.


  1. B

Explanation: Potassium reacts vigorously with oxygen and water forming its oxide and hydroxide. Large amount of energy is released in the reaction


  1. B

Explanation: Phosphorous readily catches fire in air giving dense fumes of Phosphorous pentoxide hence is kept in water.


  1. B

Explanation: CuSO4  is copper sulphate, CuS is cupric sulphide, Cu2S is cuprous sulphide, Cu2S2O3 is cupric thiosulphate


  1. C


Hydrogen gas is released when metals react with acids.