Reproduction in animals Worksheet-3

Reproduction in animals Worksheet-3


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Primary sex organ is-

(A) Ovary/Testis                          (B) Uterus/Seminal Vesicle

(C) Breast/Beard                         (D) Spermatic cord


  1. Secondary sex organ is-

(A) Testis           (B) Ovary           (C) Beard           (D) Vas deferens


  1. Accessory sex organ is-

(A) Beards                                      (B) Breast         

(C) Moustaches                            (D) All


  1. Puberty occurs in females at the age of-

(A) 8 – 10 years                            (B) 10 – 14 years

 (C) 15 – 17 years                          (D) 18 – 20 years


  1. Fertilization in humans occurs in-

(A) Uterus                                      (B) Vagina

(C) Fallopian tubes                      (D) Urethra


  1. At puberty woman start producing-

(A) Sperms                                     (B) Urine

(C) Young ones                              (D) Ova


  1. Development of foetus take place in-

(A) Vagina         (B) Uterus         (C) Ovary           (D) Oviduct


  1. The functional unit of testis of man is-

(A) Uriniferous tubules               (B) Malpighian tubules

(C) Seminiferous tubules           (D) Acini or lobules


  1. Eggs from ovary are released in-

(A) Oviduct       (B) Kidney         (C) Ureter          (D) Coelom


  1. Foetus is nourished by _____ in human.

(A) Placenta      (B) Yolk              (C) Blood           (D) Phagocytos is


Answer key:

  1. (A)

  2. (D)

  3. (D)

  4. (B)

  5. (C)

  6. (D)

  7. (B)

  8. (C)

  9. (A)

  10. (A)