Sound Worksheet-9

Sound Worksheet-9


  1. Name the unit used to measure the loudness of sound. Also write its symbol.


  1. Name the characteristic which helps us distinguish between a man's voice and a woman's voice, even, without seeing them.


  1. How does the pitch of a sound depend on frequency?


  1. Name the characteristic of sound which depends on

(a) Amplitude, (b) frequency and, (c) waveform.


  1. Name the characteristic of sound which can distinguish between the 'notes' (musical sounds) played on a flute and a sitar (both the notes having the same pitch and loudness).


  1. Name the organs of hearing in our body.


  1. Name that part of ear which vibrates when outside sound falls on it.


  1. Name the three tiny bones present in the middle part of ear.


  1. There are three small bones in the middle ear – anvil, hammer and stirrup :

(a) Which of these bones is in touch with ear-drum?

(b) Which of these bones is in touch with oval window?


  1. What is the function of three tiny bones in the ear?


  1. Name the tube which connects the middle ear to throat.


  1. Name the nerve which carries electrical impulses from the cochlea of ear to the brain.


  1. What is the name of passage in outer ear which carries sound waves to the ear-drum?


  1. Why should we not put a pin or pencil in our ears?


  1. What types of scans are used these days to monitor the growth of developing baby in the uterus of the mother?


  1. How is an ultrasound scan for fetus (unborn baby) better than X-ray?


  1. What is the name of the device which is used to find the depth of sea (or ocean) by using ultrasonic sound waves?


  1. Write the full name of 'SONAR'.


  1. Name the principle on which a soundboard works.


  1. Name the device which is used to address a small gathering of people.




  1. Pitch




  1. Timbre


  1. ear


  1. eardrum


  1. anvil, hammer and stirrup




  1. Eustachian tube


  1. Auditory nerves



  1. Because they can tear the ear drum


  1. Ultrasound scans



  1. SONAR


  1. Sound Navigation and Ranging


  1. Reflection of sound


  1. Megaphone