Natural resources Worksheet-2

Natural resources Worksheet-2


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Conversion of inorganic or organic nitrogenous compounds to ammonia is known as _______.


  1. Rhizobium is found in root nodules of ______ plants.


  1. Pseudomonas is an example of ______ bacteria.


  1. Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter helps in ______ process in Nitrogen cycle.


  1. Carbon is incorporated into living forms through the process of ______ in plants.


  1. Glucose produced by the plants is utilized to provide ______ to living forms.


  1. An increase in temperature of the earth due to trapping of radiations by atmospheric gases is known as ______ effect.


  1. Triatomic form of oxygen is ______.


  1. ______gas is used in the process of respiration, combustion and formation of oxides of nitrogen


  1. Uneven heating of air over land and water bodies result in the generation of ______.


  1. Simultaneous evaporation and condensation of water in atmosphere results in____ formation.


  1. Breakdown of bigger rocks into fine smaller particles is known as ______


Match the following:




Fill in the blanks:

  1. Ammonification

  2. Leguminous

  3. Denitrifying

  4. Nitrification

  5. Photosynthesis

  6. Energy

  7. Greenhouse

  8. ozone

  9. Oxygen

  10. Winds

  11. Cloud

  12. Weathering

Match the following:

  1. A–P, B–R, C–S, D–Q

  2. A–R, B–S, C–P, D–Q