Control and coordination Worksheet-25

Control and coordination Worksheet-25


Subjective questions:

  1. What is the difference between a reflex action and walking?


  1. What is the role of the brain in reflex action?


  1. How is the movement of leaves of the sensitive plant different from the movement of a shoot towards light?


  1. How do auxins promote the growth of a tendril around a support?


  1. Why is the use of iodised salt advisable?


  1. How does our body respond when adrenaline is secreted into the blood?


  1. Why are some patients of diabetes treated by giving injections of insulin?


  1. How does phototropism occur in plants?


  1. What is the need for a system of control and coordination in an organism?


  1. How are involuntary actions and reflex actions different from each other?


  1. Describe the central nervous system in human beings under the following heads:

(i)     regions included.

(ii)    three functions of any one region.


  1. What are 'hormones'? Write any two functions of hormones?


  1. What are the male and female gonads in human beings? State any two functions of each of them.


  1. Draw a diagrams of human brain and label the following parts:

(i)     Cerebrum                     (ii)    Meninges

(iii)   Medulla oblongata    (iv)   Cerebellum.


  1. Draw a diagram showing endocrine glands in a male body. Label the following glands on it:

(i) Pituitary, (ii) Thyroid, (iii) Adrenal, (iv) Testes


  1. Define nerve impulse. Which structure in a neuron helps to conduct a nerve impulse.

(i)     towards the cell body.

(ii)    away from the cell body.


  1. Give the full form of GH. Name the gland that secretes it. Mention its any two functions. Name the hormone that inhibits the secretion of GH. Name the disorder that is caused due to the failure of secretion of GH.


  1. Name the endocrine part of pancreas that secretes insulin. Give any two functions of this hormone. Name the disease caused due to failure of insulin secretion.


  1. Give any two differences between hormones and enzymes. Describe the endocrine role of pancreas.


  1. Where are vasopressin and oxytocin produced in human body? Give their functions.