Crop production and management Worksheet-1

Crop production and management Worksheet-1


Fill the blank:

  1. The same kind of plants grown on a large scale at a place is called _______.

  2. The first step before growing crops is ______ of the soil.

  3. Damaged seeds would_______ on top of water.

  4. For growing a crop sufficient sunlight, _____ and ______ from the soil are essential.

  5. The unwanted plants growing with the main crop are called ______.

  6. ______ is the rearing and large scale production of fish.

  7. ______ is the process of separating grains from the cut crop.

  8. The crops which are sown in rainy season and harvested in September/October are called_______ crops.

  9. The crops which are grown in the summer season and harvested in March/April is called ______ crops.

  10. Rabi crops are sown in _______ season.

  11. Kharif crops are sown in ________ season.

  12. Kharif crops are harvested in _______.

  13. Rabi crops are harvested in_______.

  14. Wheat and gram are _______ crops.

  15. Paddy is ______crop.

  16. The activities undertaken by farmers over a period of time for cultivation of crops are known as________.

  17. The process of turning or loosening of the soil is called _______or ______

  18. A _______ is used for tilling of the soil.

  19. The crumbs are broken using ______.

  20. Hoe and cultivator are used for_____.

  21. _______ is the process of putting seeds in the soil.

  22. The agricultural tool used for removing weeds and loosening of the soil is _______.

  23. The process of removal of weeds is called _______.

  24. _______ are the chemicals used for killing the weeds.

  25. The process of cutting the crop after it is mature is known as ______.


Answer key:

  1. crop/crops

  2. Preparation

  3. float/floats

  4. air, water

  5. weeds/weed

  6. Pisciculture

  7. Threshing

  8. Kharif

  9. Rabi

  10. Winter

  11. Rainy

  12. September/ October

  13. march/ April

  14. rabi

  15. kharif

  16. agricultural practices/ agricultural practice

  17. Ploughing, tilling

  18. Plough

  19. plank/planks

  20. ploughing/weeding

  21. sowing

  22. (hoe)

  23. Weeding

  24. weedicides/ weedicide

  25. harvesting