Crop production and management Worksheet-13

Crop production and management Worksheet-13


Short Question:

  1. How is ploughing done these days?

  2. What is meant by good quality seeds?

  3. Why is a proper distance kept between seeds?

  4. How is harvesting done in our country?

  5. What is meant by winnowing?

  6. How are food grains stored?

  7. Write a paragraph in your own words on preparation of soil.

  8. Name the tool used for tilling of soil.

  9. What is a seed drill?

  10. A farmer grows moong during the rainy season. Will he get a good crop?

  11. How do earthworms and microbes present in the soil help the growth of crops?

  12. Why should watering be increased during summer?

  13. When should the weedicide be sprayed?


Answer in a word:

  1. Cultivation of same plants at one place on large scale is called as?

  2. Name any two climatic conditions on which cultivation of plants depend.

  3. Name the crop that is grown during rainy season in India.

  4. Name the crop that is grown during winter season in India

  5. What is the first step of agricultural practice?

  6. Which organism is called as farmer’s friend?

  7. What is called the dark black substance formed by the decomposition of organic matter present in soil?

  8. What is called the strong triangular iron strip of plough?

  9. What are the two methods of sowing seeds in northern part of India?

  10. Name the substances which are added to the soil in the form of nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.

  11. Name the process of adding manure to fields by farmers?

  12. What is the substance that acts as growth promoters for plants obtained from the decomposition of plant or animal wastes?

  13. Name the process of supply of water to crops at different intervals.

  14. Which modern method of irrigation is very useful for sandy soil?

  15. Name one chemical used as weedicide.