English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-58

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-58


  1. What is the predicate nominative in the following sentence?

This bridge is an iron structure.

A. structure       B. bridge            C. is                     D. iron


  1. What is the EFFECT in this sentence?

Since Mira didnt set her alarm to the correct time, she was late to work and missed a very important meeting.

A. Mira didnt set her alarm on time

B. She was late to work

C. She missed a very important meeting

D. Both B and C


  1. What type of sentence structure is it?

Pajama Day is my favorite day of the year.

A. compound    B. simple           C. complex        D. run-on


  1. How many adjectives are there in the following sentence?

The shiny metal was sharp and pointed.

A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 4


  1. What is the verb phrase in the following sentence?

She will be walking to my house.

A. will be                                        B. be walking

C. will be walking                         D. walking


  1. Pick out the correct collective noun.

A ____ of people.

A. collection      B. group             C. crowd            D. army


  1. What is the complete subject of the following sentence?

The cat walked down the street.

A. the cat                                        B. walked down the street

C. cat                                               D. walked


  1. Interjections end with an exclamation mark. Comment on this statement.

Is it ______ true.

A. always           B. not always    C. every time     D. many times


  1. What change, if any, should be made in the sentence above?

The evidence suggests that mankind is polluting the Earth.

A. Change evidence to evidance

B. Add quotation marks before The and after Earth.

C. Add a comma after mankind

D. Make no change


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT form of adjective.

Chirag scored the _____ among us.

A. less                 B. little               C. least               D. lessor


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-C; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-D; (10)-C