Tense mixed review Worksheet-28

Tense mixed review Worksheet-28


Use the correct perfect tense form:

  1. We went out only after the rain ____.

A. Will have stopped                    B. Have stopped

C. Has stopped                              D. Had stopped


  1. Here are your boots. I ____ them thoroughly.

A. Had cleaned                             B. Will have cleaned

C. Have cleaned                            D. Has cleaned


  1. We can go for a picnic. The Principal ____ us permission to do so.

A. Have given                                B. Had given

C. Has given                                  D. Will have given


  1. Strangely enough, the Chief Guest _____ even before the hosts did!

A. Will have arrived                     B. Had arrived

C. Has arrived                               D. Have arrived


  1. Sunil went to play after he ____ all his homework.

A. Had completed                        B. Have completed

C. Has completed                         D. Will have completed


  1. Sunita ____ on the air conditioner an hour before going to bed.

A. Have turned                              B. Will have turned

C. Has turned                                D. Had turned


  1. By next month we _____ nearly 20 villages.

A. Had toured                               B. Will have toured

C. Have toured                              D. Has toured


  1. Congratulations Sheila! You ____ first once again.

A. Have stood                                B. Will have stood

C. Had stood                                  D. Has stood


  1. The telephone ____ about 15 times before Sunita picked it up.

A. Has rung                                   B. Had rung

C. Will have rung                         D. Have rung


  1. By this time tomorrow, we ____ our first shopping spree.

A. Had finished                             B. Has finished

C. Have finished                           D. Will have finished


Answer Key:

  1. D

Explanation: ‘Went’ suggests past tense.


  1. C

Explanation: ‘Sentence 1’ suggests present tense and the subject is ‘I’.


  1. C

Explanation: ‘Sentence 1’ suggests present tense and 'Principal' is a singular subject.


  1. C

Explanation: ‘Did’ suggests past tense.


  1. A

Explanation: ‘Went’ suggests past tense.


  1. D

Explanation: ‘An hour before…bed’ suggests past tense.


  1. B

Explanation: ‘Next month’ suggests future tense.


  1. A

Explanation: ‘Sentence 1’ suggests present tense and the subject is 'you'.


  1. B

Explanation: ‘Picked’ suggests past tense.


  1. D

Explanation: ‘By…tomorrow’ suggests future tense.