Vocabulary Worksheet-15

Vocabulary Worksheet-15


  1. when a person appears to rise and float in the air without anything to support them.

A. levitate          B. neglect           C. stifle               D. astray


  1. demanding immediate action or attention

A. vanity             B. dependable  C. indicate         D. urgent


  1. to melt or cause to melt; to warm up gradually

A. vanity             B. thaw               C. indicate         D. urgent


  1. worn or faded from use or wear; dressed in worn-out clothes; not fair or generous

A. burden          B. shabby           C. urgent            D. previous


  1. a reply or answer; a reaction to something

A. response       B. thaw               C. shabby           D. vanity


  1. I wish to purchase an outfit, I shoud go to a/an _____

A. garment shop                           B. goldsmith

C. medical store                            D. outhouse


  1. to point to or point out;

A. indicate         B. consent          C. shabby           D. qualify


  1. capable of being relied on;

A. indicate                                      B. trustworthy

C. previous                                     D. response


  1. to agree to or approve; to give permission

A. dependable  B. consent          C. qualify           D. thaw


  1. something that is carried, a load; something that is very hard to bear

A. urgent            B. shabby           C. consent          D. burden


Answer Key:

  1. A

  2. D

  3. B

  4. B

  5. A

  6. A

  7. A

  8. B

  9. B

  10. D