English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-78

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-78


  1. The man _____ is a physician often collects herbs from the forest.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. Those who worked backstage helped to make the ______ for the play.

A. scaffolding   B. props             C. Designs         D. decorations


  1. The boy _______ parents died in the accident is staying with a foster family.

A. who                B. whom            C. whose            D. which


  1. The neighbours complained because there was still music blaring from the party during the wee hours of the morning. Choose a word for underlined phrase /word.

A. beginning     B. initial             C. primitive       D. early


  1. The hurricane ______ hundreds of homes along the coast a few months ago.

A. destroys                                     B. destroyed

C. has destroyed                           D. was destroying


  1. If the police had seen any suspicious people, they _____ them.

A. will detain                                 B. would detain

C. will have detained                   D. would have detained


  1. A well-known writer is writing my ______ for me.

A. autobiography                          B. biography

C. account                                      D. chronicle


  1. The castle walls ________ protect the royal family from attacks by its enemies.

A. can                 B. may


  1. The glass of orange juice is yours, ______?

A. is it                 B. isn't it            C. was it             D. wasn't it


  1. The aboriginal art and craft have been_______ because of the tourism boom that they no longer resemble their original form.

A. faked                                          B. improved

C. customized                                D. commercialised


  1. Animals who live in _________ are sometimes abused by man.

A. slavery                                        B. confinement

C. captivity                                     D. custody


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-B; (3)-C; (4)-D; (5)-B; (6)-D; (7)-B; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-D; (11)-C