English 'n' logic worksheet-5


  1. Ravi and Kavi like ____the piano.

(a) to play           (b) to eat            (c) to help           (d) to do


  1. Tejas, Anu, and Kavya ____ like pasta.

(a) to eat             (b) to play          (c) to make        (d) to sing


  1. Manas and I like ____ books.

(a) to watch       (b) to read         (c) to jump        (d) to cook

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  1. Anuj likes ____ cookies.

(a) to talk           (b) to bake         (c) to smell        (d) to sing


  1. You like ____ English.

(a) to sleep        (b) to watch       (c) to cook         (d) to study


  1. Aashav and Akki want ____ TV.

(a) to write        (b) to drink        (c) to watch       (d) to walk


  1. Jay wants _____ to the theater.

(a) to jump        (b) to read         (c) to go              (d) to talk


  1. Niki and Anu like ____ stories.

(a) to bake         (b) to write        (c) to talk           (d) to meet


  1. We like ____ to music.

(a) to listen        (b) to run           (c) to go              (d) to talk


  1. Nonny likes ____on the telephone.

(a) to work        (b) to write        (c) to talk           (d) to think


Answer Keys:

(41) A; (42) A; (43) B; (44) B; (45) D; (46) C; (47) C; (48) B; (49) A; (50) C