Tense mixed review Worksheet-50

Tense mixed review Worksheet-50


  1. It ____here in December.

A. Doesn’t snow                            B. Don’t snow

C. snow                                           D. snowes


  1. When Deepu (take)____a shower, he (wash)____his hair with shampoo.

A. Takes, washes                          B. Take, wash

C. Takes, wash                              D. Take, washes


  1. Mary (be)____twenty-nine years old.

A. is                     B. am                  C. are                  D. none


  1. We  ____to eat jackfruit.  It ____good.

A. Don’t like, doesn’t taste          B. Doesn’t like, doesn’t taste

C. Doesn’t like, don’t taste          D. Like, doesn’t taste


  1. The football team never ____.  It ____all the time.

A. Scores, loses                             B. Score, loses

C. Score, lose                                 D. Scores, doesn’t lose


  1. Romy and Bunty always ____to each other on the phone.

A. Are talking   B. talking           C. talk                 D. Don’t talks


  1. The car ____a flat tire.

A. is                     B. has                 C. have               D. are


  1. You never  ____breakfast for me. I always  ____to make it myself.

A. Make, have   B. Makes, has   C. Make, has     D. Makes, have


  1. The mechanic ____my car when it breaks down.

A. fix                   B. fixies              C. fixes               D. fixed


  1. Tarun rarely ____. He usually ____.

A. Flies, drives  B. Fly, drives     C. Flies, drive    D. Fly, drive


  1. I usually ____TV, but tonight I ____I will read a book.

A. Watch, don’t think                  B. Watch, think

C. Don’t watch, think                   D. Don’t watch, don’t think


  1. Anupam ____his mother on the phone every day.

A. called             B. calling           C. call                 D. calls


  1. When he ____alone at night, Bunty sometimes ____scared.

A. Is, gets           B. Was, gets      C. Is, got             D. Was, getting


  1. I ____tired. I ____I am going to take a nap.

A. Am, think                                  B. Am not, think

C. Was, think                                 D. am, don’t think


  1. Cakes ____hard to make. They ____a lot of work.

A. Are, require                              B. Are, requires

C. Were, requires                         D. Are, don’t require


  1. Jay ____to play soccer. He  ____every day.

A. Doesn’t like, practices            B. Don’t like, practice

C. Likes, practice                          D. Likes, practices


  1. I rarely ____chocolate. I ____the way it ____.

A. Eat, don’t like, tastes              B. Don’t eat, don’t like, tastes

C. Eat, don’t like, taste                D. Eats, don’t like, tastes


  1. We ____to watch movies.  My favorite movie ____Titanic.

A. Don’t like, was                          B. Like, is

C. Likes, was                                  D. Don’t like, is


  1. The ocean ____like an airplane.

A. sound             B. sounds           C. sounding       D. soundes


  1. The flag (blow)____in the wind every day.  It is getting old.  It (need)____to be replaced soon.

A. Blowes, needs                           B. Blows, needs

C. Doesn’t blows, need                D. Blows, need


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-A; (5)-A; (6)-C; (7)-B; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-A; (11)-B; (12)-D; (13)-A; (14)-A; (15)-A; (16)-D; (17)-A; (18)-B; (19)-B; (20)-B