Verb Notes-1 [Level-7]

Verb Notes-1 [Level-7]


Finite and non-finite verbs:

Finite verbs: Verbs that change according to the number of time of the action done are called finite verbs.


The crow flies. The crows fly. The crow has flown. The crow flew.


Non-finite verbs: Verbs that neither change according to number nor according to the tense are called non-finite verbs.

Example: Verb - fly

  1. Birds learn to fly easily.


  1. Why did you want to fly two kites.

  1. It has not been easy to fly kites.


(no change in fly although all three sentences show different tenses) Hence FLY is a non-finite verb. Since it is preceded by to it is called an infinitive.


Verbs that do not change with number or tense are non-finite verbs.

Three types of non-finite verbs.

  1. Gerund - or Verbal nouns.
  2. Participle - or Verbal adjectives

(i) Present participle - verb + ing &

(ii) Past participle - V3 form of the verb

  1. Infinitives (to + original form of verb)



  1. The rising sun looks beautiful. (verbal adjective - describing sun -present participle)


  1. Talking in class is a bad habit. (verbal noun - gerund) I


  1. The broken television should be repaired. (verbal adjective -describing television - past participle)


  1. The men want to know the new time. (infinitive - to + verb)


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