English 'n' logic worksheet-5


  1. The letter A is the ______ letter of the English alphabet.

(a) last                (b) first               (c) second          (d) third


  1. The ______ woman has gray hair and many wrinkles. She was born many years ago.

(a) strong           (b) young           (c) old                 (d) kind


  1. Oranges and apples are _____. They are both ______.

(a) similar … fruits                      (b) special … red

(c) identical … different              (d) bad … healthy

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  1. Jay ______ brings a hammer to work. He uses it every day.

(a) never             (b) always          (c) rarely            (d) sometimes


  1. While walking together at night, the children hear a loud noise and get ____. They run away in search of a place to hide.

(a) angry            (b) excited         (c) scared          (d) tired


  1. The ______ man is the only one who can lift the heavy rock.

(a) silly               (b) tall                 (c) proud            (d) strong


  1. Parth is ______. He always gets good grades. He studies hard and always does his homework.

(a) smart            (b) funny            (c) tall                 (d) popular


  1. The animal looks ______. Adil has never seen one like it before.

(a) calm                                          (b) embarrassed

(c) strange                                      (d) disgusting


  1. When the sun sets, the sky gets _______.

(a) warm            (b) dark              (c) bright            (d) cloudy


  1. We were driving east, but we needed to go the opposite way. So we turned around and drove ______.

(a) west              (b) north            (c) left                 (d) right


Answer Keys:

(41) B; (42) C; (43) A; (44) B; (45) C; (46) D; (47) A; (48) C; (49) B; (50) A