Food-Our Basic Need Worksheet-6

Food-Our Basic Need Worksheet-6


Fill in the Blanks

  1. The substances that are needed by our body for proper health and growth are called ______.

  2. Foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. give us a lot of energy. They contain _______.

  3. Food rich in carbohydrates is called ______ giving food.

  4. Food rich in proteins is called _____ building food.

  5. Food rich in vitamins and minerals is called _____ food.

  6. Lack of iron in the body causes a disease called _______.

  7. The part of food that cannot be digested is called ______ .

  8. The food which is unhealthy for us is called _____ food.

  9. The kind of food that we eat is called  _____.

  10. A diet which has food items from all the food groups, and in the right amount, is called a _____ diet.



  1. nutrients

  2. carbohydrates

  3. energy

  4. body

  5. protective

  6. anaemia

  7. roughage

  8. junk

  9. diet

  10. balanced