Force, Work & Energy Worksheet-17

Force, Work & Energy Worksheet-17


True or False

  1. Plants use solar energy to make food in the flowers.

  2. Food made by plants has energy stored in the mechanical form.

  3. We get heat and light energy from the Mars.

  4. Moon’s energy can be used to generate electricity.

  5. Any object that is moving has no energy in it.

  6. Energy of the sun can turn windmills.

  7. Stagnant water has a lot of energy in it.

  8. Dams do not allow the water to fall with force.

  9. Turbines help to produce electrical energy.


Answer Key:

  1. False

  2. False

  3. False

  4. False

  5. False

  6. False

  7. False

  8. False

  9. True