Comprehension-1-Basket ball

Basket ball is a team sport. It is played between two teams of five players. Players score points by throwing a ball through the top of a basketball hoop.

basket ball


Refer the given composition to answer the following questions:

(1)            Which game is shown in the given image?

(A) Base ball                  (B) Foot ball        (C) Basket ball     (D) Volley ball


(2)            Between how many teams is this game played?

(A) Single team             (B) Two teams     (C) Three teams  (D) Four teams

(3)            How many players are there in a team of this game?

(A) Two players                                         (B) Eleven players

(C) Four players                                         (D) Five players


(4)            On which ground is basket ball played?

(A) Court                       (B) Pitch               (C) Ground          (D)Field


(5)            Which of the following is not shown in the given image?

(A) Basket                     (B) Racquet         (C) Ball                 (D) Court


(6)            How many baskets do we have on the basketball court?

(A) One                          (B) Two                (C) Three              (D) Four


(7)            Which of these is a correct option?

(A) Baset ball                (B) Bascket ball   (C) Basket ball     (D) Basket bal


(8)            What is the colour of the basketball?

(A) Pink                         (B) Blue                (C) Yellow            (D) Orange


(9)            What happens when players throw a ball through the top of the basketball hoop?

(A) They disqualify

(B) They lose one player

(C) They score points

(D) They lose points


(10)      Which of the following is shown in the given image?

(A)Basket                      (B) Bat                  (C) Racquet         (D) Gloves















Answer Keys

1.                (C)

2.                (B)

3.                (D)

4.                (A)

5.                (B)

6.                (B)

7.                (C)

8.                (D)

9.                (C)

10.          (A)