General Science Worksheet-12

General Science Worksheet-12


  1. Harish put a coin on a marble-topped table and flicked it with his finger. He used a ruler to measure the distance travelled by the coin. Then he carried out, the same test by laying a piece of sand paper, a newspaper, and a towel in turns, on the table. On which surface will the coin travel furthest?

A. Towel                                         B. Marble top

C. Sand paper                                D. Newspaper.


  1. Which of these is a non-living thing?

A. Plant              B. Animal          C. Table             D. Human being


  1. Is car a living thing?

A. Yes, car moves on its own

B. No, car runs on petrol but cannot move on its own

C. Yes, car takes in petrol and gives put smoke and so it respires

D. May be, may not be


  1. Which of the following materials are grouped wrongly in the chart below?

A. Wool              B. Silk                 C. Cotton           D. Leather


  1. Woollen clothes are prepared from ___.

A. Wool worms                             B. Carbon compounds

C. Wool of sheep                           D. Cotton plants


  1. Telephones within the country are connected by ____.

A. STD                B. local               C. ISO                 D. None of these


  1. Which of the following is a disadvantage caused by development of technology?

A. Technology saves time

B. Work can be easily done by technology

C. Technology improves quality of life

D. Technology has resulted in increasing atmospheric pollution.


  1. Water droplets that can be seen on grass in winter morning are because of ____.

A. The secretion of water from the leaves

B. Rains that take place every night

C. Condensation of water particles in the air

D. Excessive absorption of water from the soil


  1. Which of these fall during thunderstorms?

A. Hailstones    B. Fog                 C. Dew               D. Snow


  1. Which of the following statements are correct?

A. The condition of the atmosphere is known as weather

B. Average weather conditions at a place are known as climate

C. When a particular weather continues for months, it is a season

D. All of these


Answer Key:

(1)–B; (2)–C; (3)–B; (4)–B; (5)–C; (6)–A; (7)–D; (8)–C; (9)–A; (10)–D