English 'n' logic worksheet-3


  1. Ami ______to the playground yesterday.

(a) went              (b) had                (c) made             (d) cried


  1. Rashi ______a new computer yesterday.

(a) taught           (b) learned        (c) bought          (d) learned


  1. Molly ______waffles for breakfast yesterday.

(a) read              (b) ate                 (c) took               (d) talked

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  1. Yesterday, I ______a new word.

(a) bought         (b) took               (c) learned         (d) ate


  1. Last week, my mom ____pasta for dinner.

(a) cooked         (b) spoke            (c) learned         (d) took


  1. Akshat ____a dog when he was a little boy.

(a) ate                 (b) was               (c) made             (d) had


  1. I ____to go to the beach yesterday.

(a) was                (b) watched       (c) wanted         (d) listened


  1. Rita’s cat ____away last month.

(a) had                (b) studied         (c) ran                 (d) talked


  1. It ____a lot during last week’s storm.

(a) rained           (b) talked           (c) learned         (d) Took


  1. Yesterday, Kishan ____ to his mother on the telephone.

(a) was                (b) had                (c) walked         (d) talked


Answer Keys:

(21) A; (22) C; (23) B; (24) C; (25) A; (26) D; (27) C; (28) C; (29) A; (30) D