Weather Worksheet-2

Weather Worksheet-2


  1. Cloudy nights are warmer than the clearer nights. Why?

A. Clouds do not let the heat of the Earth to escape out

B. Clouds give away its warmth in the night

C. Clouds absorbs heat from the Sun and keep the surface warm in the night


  1. The  hot winds in the summer are known as ______

A. Strom            B. Breeze           C. Loo


  1. Which of the following is a winter fruit?

A.        B.          C.


  1. Rainy season is also known as _____

A. Spring           B. Autumn         C. Monsoon


  1. Cloud are formed of _____

A. Dust particles

B. Water droplets

C. Gases present in the atmosphere


  1. Which of the following is responsible for the change in weather?

A. The Sun         B. The Moon     C. Both of these


  1. Which type of clothes is suitable for summer season?

A. Synthetic       B. Nylon             C. Cotton


  1. Which of the following events can cause damage to our surrounding?

A. Moderate rain

B. High temperature (about 500C)

C. Cyclone


  1. We have longer days and shorter nights in:

A. Winter           B. Autumn         C. Summer


  1. We have longer nights and shorter days in:

A. Spring           B. Winter           C. Rainy


Answer Keys:

(1)–A; (2)–C; (3)–A; (4)–C; (5)–B; (6)–A; (7)–C; (8)–C; (9)–C; (10)–B