English & Logics Worksheet-11

English & Logics Worksheet-11


  1. I don’t like to eat chicken. It’s ______.

A. tasty               B. not tasty        C. yummy                   D. not cooked


  1. I like ______ the guitar.

A. to listen         B. to play           C. listening        D. to buy


  1. Amar _____ in Chicago.

A. goes                B. is going          C. went               D. lives


  1. Payal is ______ right now. Please __ her !

A. watching TV, disturb              B. studying, don’t

C. crying, don’t                             D. studying, disturb


  1. Tanya and Ayasha _____ to play video games.

A. are playing   B. doesn’t like   C. don’t like       D. likes


  1. Mr. and Mrs. John _____ television ____ three hours last night.

A. Saw, for                                     B. watch, for

C. Watched, for                            D. Watched, from


  1. Mrs. Jain is our ___ teacher. _ teaches very well.

A. English, She                              B. English, He

C. Good, She                                  D. Poor, She


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma _____ three children.

A. have               B. are                  C. to have           D. are being


  1. Babies drink _____ but they ___ pizza.

A. Food, don’t eat                         B. Juice, eat

C. Milk, don’t eat                          D. Milk, eat


  1. Ricky likes to eat ___but he ____ to eat biscuits.

A. Coffee, doesn’t like                  B. Chocolate, likes

C. Chocolate, doesn’t like           D. Biscuit, likes


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-B; (3)-D; (4)-B; (5)-C; (6)-C; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-C