English & Logics Worksheet-10

English & Logics Worksheet-10


  1. Yesterday, I ______ to office.

A. Don’t go        B. Didn’t go       C. Not went       D. Not go


  1. Deepak _____ to become a doctor.

A. is cooking     B. to study         C. Traveled        D. wants


  1. Arya is an intelligent girl. She _____ lots of books.

A. learns            B. reads              C. don’t read     D. read


  1. Right now, Roshesh _______ a cake.

A. Listened        B. is writing      C. is baking       D. ate


  1. Sonya likes _____ fancy skirts.

A. to wear          B. buys               C. had                 D. to be


  1. Please ___ your homework on time.

A. do                   B. not do            C. don’t do         D. work


  1. Please ____ anything. I am not hungry.

A. cook               B. don’t cook     C. cooks             D. not cook


  1. Yesterday, I ___a funny joke.

A. sing                B. heard             C. to read           D. is talking


  1. Right now, Karan and Anand ___ in a race.

A. were running                            B. Is running

C. are running                               D. Want to run


  1. I ____ to drive a car but I ____ to ride a cycle.

A. Like, like                                    B. likes, don’t like

C. like, don’t like                           D. don’t like, likes


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-B; (8)-B; (9)-C; (10)-C