Human Body Worksheet-11

Human Body Worksheet-11


  1. Kanha National Park is situated in ____.

A. Uttar Pradesh                          B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Madhya Pradesh                     D. Himachal Pradesh


  1. Which of the following is the best method to kill the germs present in water?

A.                       B.

C.                   D.


  1. Growing children need more ______ than other foods.

A. Carbohydrates                         B. Fats

C. Proteins                                     D. Minerals


  1. A runner participating in a race takes some glucose just before the race begins. This means that glucose ___.

A. Makes running easier             B. Builds muscles instantly

C. Gives energy instantly            D. Stops sweating of the body


  1. Nerve cells are part of the ____.

A. Nervous system                       B. Skeletal system

C. Muscular system                     D. Excretory system.


  1. Which of the following organ helps us to speak?       

A. Kidneys         B. Larynx           C. Lips                D. Tongue


  1. Raju got stomachache. Which of the following could be a reason?

A. He ate food at seven in the evening

B. He drank water after eating food

C. He did not chew the food properly

D. He did not wash his hands properly after eating food


  1. Match the internal organs shown in the figure with their respective names.

A. P - Heart, Q - Lungs, R - Kidney, S - Stomach

B. P - Lungs, Q - Kidney, R - Stomach, S - Heart

C. P - Heart, Q - Lungs, R - Stomach, S - Kidney

D. P - Heart, Q - Kidney, R - Lungs, S – Stomach


  1. Decayed garbage can be used as _____.

A. Medicine       B. Food              C. Cement         D. Compost


  1. Simran is a 14 year old girl. How many teeth is she likely to have?

      A. 20                   B. 14                    C. 28                   D. 32


Answer Key:

(1)–C; (2)–A; (3)–C; (4)–C; (5)–A; (6)–B; (7)–C; (8)–D; (9)–D; (10)–C