English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-20

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-20


  1. I was ______ tired to go shopping with her.

A. to                    B. two                 C. too                  D. there


  1. Find the Noun in the following sentence.

The children really enjoyed themselves.

A. Really                                         B. Themselves

C. Enjoyed                                      D. Children


  1. Which of the following is a collective noun?

A. Maria            B. biscuit           C. Dozen            D. India


  1. I saw (a woman) standing outside the gym.

 Replace the words given in the bracket with the correct pronoun.

A. she                  B. her                  C. their               D. me


  1. Change the proper noun in bracket to a common noun.

There is a concert going on in (Ahmedabad).

A. Bikram          B. Amana          C. City                D. Children


  1. A ______ is a verb that connects the subject of the sentence to information about that subject.

A. helping verb                              B. action verb

C. auxiliary verb                           D. linking verb


  1. What type of verb does the word in bracket represent?

The show (must) start today.

A. action verb

B. linking verb

C. action verb or helping verb

D. helping verb


  1. Which sentence is an example of simple present tense?

A. We will go to Tokyo this summer.

B. Tokyo is in Japan.

C. They went to Tokyo last year.

D. They are flying to Tokyo.


  1. Which sentence is an example of past perfect tense?

A. I am watering the garden.

B. I had watered the garden.

C. I will water the garden.

D. I had been watering the garden.


  1. She ______ the whole time we were at her house.

A. talked            B. talking            C. talk                 D. talks


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-D; (3)-C; (4)-B; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-A