Vocabulary Worksheet-26

Vocabulary Worksheet-26


  1. Some thespians, such as Aamir Khan and Akshya Kumar, can work in comedies or serious movies equally well.

In this sentence thespians means:

A. audience members                 B. actors or performers

C. singers                                       D. fans


  1. An unknown benefactor donated a lot of money to the animal shelter.

In this sentence benefactor means:

A. actor

B. a person who supports or helps a persons or institutions

C. beggar

D. manager


  1. Being eccentric, such as always bright coloured clothes, is sure to get you attention, but you might not always like it.

In this sentence eccentric means:

A. rebellious                                  B. calm

C. fashionable                               D. not ordinary


  1. I took a pair of shoes to the cobbler, so he could repair them for me.

In this sentence the word cobbler means:

A. a person who sells shoes

B. a shoe fixer

C. a person who makes clothes

D. a delicious dessert


  1. There was pandemonium as people tried to hurry away from the tsunami.

In this sentence pandemonium means:

A. silence           B. order              C. peace             D. chaos


  1. brink

A. edge                                            B. very bossy

C. to hate                                        D. a wise but over used saying


  1. recognize

A. to identify from a earlier experience

B. to cause to laugh or smile from pleasure

C. to make larger or more powerful

D. a recalling to memory


  1. feeble

A. worthwhile                                B. strong

C. accurate                                     D. weak, without power or energy


  1. Which of the following is NOT the definition of the word demolish.

A. to damage

B. to tear down because it is dangerous

C. to fix up

D. to crush or destroy


  1. The speaker who said one thing but did something else entirely was regarded as a _______.

A. assailant       B. mimic            C. serene            D. hypocrite


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. B

  3. D

  4. B

  5. D

  6. A

  7. A

  8. D

  9. C

  10. D