Vocabulary Worksheet-22

Vocabulary Worksheet-22


  1. Malice means:

A. required                                     B. deep respect

C. to intend harm                         D. honesty


  1. Congenial means:

A. disagreeable                             B. cannot be see through

C. agreeable                                   D. twins


  1. Entice means:

A. repel              B. lure                C. harsh             D. anger


  1. significant

A. a wise, but over-used saying

B. bare

C. having importance, a great number

D. to happen


  1. constrain

A. secretive                                    B. spread out

C. to limit, control                        D. stand against


  1. distributed

A. given out, shared out

B. pretend to be someone else

C. to work, to carry out a desired action

D. to calm someone


  1. precious

A. unavoidable, bound to happen

B. of great value

C. unlawful

D. doubtful


  1. I'll try to be_____ when judging the contest.

A. abundant      B. smart             C. impartial      D. clever


  1. Her_____ personality makes her popular with at school.

A. impartial      B. glum              C. gregarious    D. none of these


  1. Identify the correct synonym for paramount:

A. merge            B. important     C. plentiful        D. useless


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. C

  3. B

  4. C

  5. C

  6. A

  7. B

  8. C

  9. C

  10. B