English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-80

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-80


  1. The grasslands ______ the giraffes live in do not get much rain throughout the year.

A. which             B. who                C. whom            D. whose


  1. The play was so boring that many people left the theatre even before the last ______ was over.

A. fragment       B. portion          C. act                  D. section


  1. The girl ______ I spoke to was selling cookies for charity.

A. who                B. Whose           C. which             D. whom


  1. The first story is funnier than the altered one. I do not like the new story. Choose a word for underlined phrase/word.

A. primary                                     B. original

C. preliminary                               D. fundamental


  1. The archaeologist ____ the ground when he hit upon something made of metal.

A. digs                B. is digging      C. was digging  D. dug


  1. If you had followed the rules, you _____ disqualified.

A. will not be                                 B. would not be

C. will not have been                   D. would not have been


  1. Jaya is a/an ______ reader. She reads at least two books every day.

A. avid                B. eager              C. ardent            D. devoted


  1. Do you know that the Windsor Castle is ____ by the royal family?

A. stayed            B. inhibited       C. inhabited      D. habituated


  1. "______ I borrow your leather jacket, please?" Tom asked.

A. May                B. Might             C. Could             D. Would


  1. The parts of this car were made in Japan but the car itself was ____ in Indonesia.

A. fixed                                           B. assembled

C. consolidated                              D. attached


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-C; (3)-D; (4)-B; (5)-C; (6)-D; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-A; (10)-B