Science Olympiad Grade 2 Human Body Worksheet-2

Human Body

Human body worksheets grade 2

  1. The skull protects:

(A) lungs                (B) brain

(C) stomach                  (D) heart


  1. Which of these foods give us energy?

(A)    Fish               (B)    Lettuce

(C) rice                 (D)  fruits


fruits and vegetables


  1. Which of these are protective foods?

(A) Grapes            (B) Broccoli

(C) Oranges      (D) All of the above


  1. The picture below shows the food that Seema is going to have for lunch.

Give two examples of food which help her to grow.

(A)                 (B)

(C)                 (D)


  1. Identify the human organ system given below.

(A) Circulatory system            (B) Digestive system

(C) Respiratory system           (D) Excretory system


  1. Which of the following is a bad habit?

(A) A girl doing exercise

(B)   Eating food cooked at home

(C) Eating food outside

(D) A boy washing hands


  1. The system responsible for body movement is:

(A) digestive              (B) muscular

(C) respiratory       (D)circulatory


  1. Fats and carbohydrates are together called:

(A) protective foods                 (B) harmful foods

(C) body-building foods           (D) energy-giving foods


  1. Our skin gives us the sense of:

(A) taste             (B) touch       (C) smell           (D) all of these.


  1. Which of the following organs is located in our chest?

(A) Heart              (B) Lungs

(C) Stomach               (D) Both A and B


Answer Keys:

(11)–(B); (12)–(C); (13)–(D); (14)–(B); (15)–(B); (16)–(C); (17)–(B); (18)–(D); (19)–(B); (20)–(D)