Verb Notes-4 [Level-2]

Verb Notes-4 [Level-2]


Still more verbs…

‘HAS’ and ‘HAVE’ are also verbs.

We use ‘HAS’ and ‘HAVE’ to show possession or ownership.

‘HAS’ is used with HE – SHE – IT and Singular nouns.

‘HAVE’ is used with I – YOU – WE – THEY and Plural nouns.


  1. The boy has a kite.


  1. The girls have flags.



  1. He has a small pencil.


  1. She has a pet cat.


  1. Look at the fish! They have four fins.


  1. That dog has long ears.


  1. Sheila has a new bag.


  1. I have four frocks.


  1. You have a big house.


  1. We have little homework today.


  1. They have some good books.


  1. My cousins have two cars.


  1. Leopards have black spots.


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