Math Olympiad Grade 3 Numbers Worksheet-6

Numbers Worksheet-6


  1. What is the value of the 2 in 2,708?

       A. 200                B. 2,000             C. 2                     D. 20


  1. Which of the following number has 3 in tens place?

       A. 323                 B. 396                 C. 438                D. 943


  1. If you need to color the boxes with even number then number of boxes to be colored in the following are:

       A. 8                     B. 10                    C. 6                     D. 12


  1. My 10’s digit is 3, 100’s digit is 6, and ones digit is 4. Who am I?

       A. 364                 B. 634                 C. 436                 D. 346


  1. How can you tell that a number is an odd number?

       A. odd number always end with 0, 2, 4

       B. odd number can be divided evenly into groups of two

       C. odd number cannot be divided evenly into groups of two

       D. none of these


  1. Look at these numbers

       2       5       8       6       3       1        7       9       4       0

       Which number is fifth from the right?

       A. 9                     B. 1                      C. 2                     D. 4


  1. Which point best represents 1/2 on the number line?

       A. Q                     B. R                     C. X                     D. Y


  1. What is true about 489?

       A. It is an even number              

       B. It is an odd number

       C. It can be divided evenly into groups of two

       D. none of these


  1. Richa, Molly, and Vrinda were counting their stamps they have collected in four years. The table below shows the number of stamps collected by each one of them. See the table to answer the question. Who has the least number of stamps?

       A. Richa             B. Vrinda           C. Molly             D. Richa and Vrinda


  1. What number is 10 less than 205?

       A. 215                 B. 195                 C. 185                 D. 105



(11)–B; (12)–C; (13)–A; (14)–B; (15)–C; (16)–B; (17)–C; (18)–B; (19)–A; (20)–B