Natural resources Worksheet-1

Natural resources Worksheet-1


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The major component of the atmosphere on earth is ______.


  1. Oxygen is required by living organisms to convert ______ to Carbon dioxide and water. 


  1. Things essential for life that are provided by nature are known as _______resources.


  1. Air is a ______Conductor of heat.


  1. During the ______time, the air above the land gets heated faster and rises up in coastal region.


  1. ______breeze is the movement of a wind from land to sea.


  1. Rainfall patterns are decided by the prevailing_______ patterns.


  1. The underground water and the water found in rivers, lake and ponds is ______.


  1. All cellular processes need ______ medium to occur.


  1. Terrestrial Life forms require______ water for their survival.


  1. Aquatic animals use ______oxygen present in water for respiration.


  1. ______ is produced due to breaking of rocks at or near the surface of earth due to various factors.


  1. The ______ present in the soil depend upon the type of rocks from which it is formed.


  1. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides directly results in ______ pollution.


  1. Washing away of soil particles and exposure of underneath rocks is known as______.



  1. Nitrogen

  2. Glucose

  3. Natural

  4. Bad

  5. Day

  6. sea

  7. wind

  8. fresh

  9. Aqueous or water

  10. fresh

  11. Dissolved

  12. Soil

  13. Minerals

  14. Soil

  15. Soil erosion