Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-6

Conservation of plants and animals Worksheet-6


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Animals whose numbers are diminishing to a level that they might face extinction are known as the ______ animals.

(A) Extinct                                     (B) Endangered

(C) Endemic                                  (D) Vulnerable

(E) None of these


  1. India contains _______ species of animals considered globally threatened.

(A) 152               (B) 162               (C) 172               (D) 182


  1. India contains _____ of the world’s total number of threatened species.

(A) 3.6%            (B) 2.7%             (C) 2.8%            (D) 2.9%


  1. Which one of these is Asia’s rarest animal?

(A) White elephant                      (B) Indian monkey

(C) Asiatic lion                              (D) Platypus


  1. _____ keeps a record of all the endangered animals and plants.

(A) White data book                    (B) Green data book

(C) Red data book                        (D) Blue data book


  1. Migratory birds fly to far away areas every year during a particular time because of-

(A) Absence of mate                    (B) Availability of food

(C) Climatic changes                   (D) All of these


  1. ______ is restocking of the destroyed forests by planting new trees.

(A) Deforestation                         (B) Reforestation

(C) A forestation                           (D) All of these


Multiple choice question with more than one answers correct:

  1. Deforestation generally done for using land for-

(A) Cultivation                             (B) Nuclear power plant

(C) Nuclear testing                      (D) Building houses and factories

(E) Using wood as fuel


  1. Consequences of Deforestation are-

(A) Increases the temperature of earth

(B) Increases the level of oxygen in the atmosphere

(C) Ground water level also gets lowered

(D) Provide large area for wild animals

(E) Disturbs the balance in nature


  1. Main reasons for draught are-

(A) Increase in temperature on the earth           

(B) Large release of oxygen

(C) Ground water level gets lowered                   

(D) Disturbed water cycle

(E) Reduce rainfall


Answer keys:

  1. (B)

  2. (C)

  3. (D)

  4. (C)

  5. (C)

  6. (C)

  7. (B)

  8. (A,D,E)

  9. (A,C,E)

  10. (A,D,E)