English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-69

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-69


  1. Choose the sentence that is written correctly.

A. My dog like to go walking in the park.

B. Mines dog likes to go walking in the park.

C. My dogs likes to go walking in the park.

D. My dog likes to go walking in the park.


  1. In the following sentence, how many adjectives are there?

The left-handed man had a boyish face.

A. 3                     B. 1                      C. 2                     D. 0


  1. Which word can be used as a subject?

A. they                B. them              C. her                  D. me


  1. Which part of the sentence is the prepositional phrase?

The doctor stood by the side of the patients bed.

A. stood beside                              B. by the side of

C. The doctor stood                      D. of the patients bed        


  1. Correct the capitalization errors in this sentence.

have you ever swum in the atlantic ocean?

A. Have you ever swum in the Atlantic Ocean?

B. have you ever swum in the atlantic ocean?

C. Have You ever swum in the atlantic Ocean?

D. have you ever swam in the Atlantic Ocean?


  1. What is the complete subject?

A. The noun/pronoun we are speaking about along with its attribute

B. All the words before the verb with proper attributes

C. the verb

D. all the words after the verb


  1. Choose the correct determiner.

There is _____ milk in the milk pot, to make a cup of tea.

A. some              B. any                 C. little               D. enough


  1. Which of the following options uses the correct conjunction.

The girls like to sing. The boys like to sing.

A. The girls like to sing and the boys like to sing.

B. The girls and the boys like to sing.

C. The girls boys like to sing.

D. The girls like boys and to sing.


  1. Which BEST completes the following sentence?

Deepak did not study, ______ he did not make a good grade.

A. since              B. as a result     C. finally            D. after


  1. Which is the correct form of verb?

I _____ her yesterday.

A. meet               B. met                 C. meted            D. will meet


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-C; (3)-A; (4)-D; (5)-A; (6)-A; (7)-D; (8)-B; (9)-B; (10)-B