Cyberworld crossword-2

WORD BANK: Browser, byte, cdrom, computer, diskdrive, input, inputdevice, megabyte, memory, merge, mouse, multimedia, output, pdf, program, scanner, search, software, terabyte, touchpad.

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1.  A format presented by Adobe Acrobat that allows documents to be shared over a variety of operating systems.

2.  engine   Software that makes it possible to look for and retrieve material on the Internet, particularly the Web.

5.  Temporary storage for information, including applications and documents.

6.  To combine two or more files into a single file.

7.  Most computers use combinations of eight bits, called ___.

9.  Data that goes into a computer device.

12.  Software programs that combine text and graphics with sound, video, and animation.

13.  Software used to navigate the Internet.

15.  Compact Disc Read-Only Memory

17.  This is an area on a laptop that substitutes for a mouse.

18.  Information displayed on the monitor, sound from the speakers, and information printed to paper.

19.  A device, such as a keyboard, stylus and tablet, mouse, puck, or microphone,



1.  A precise series of instructions written in a computer language that tells the computer what to do and how to do it. Also called "software" or "applications."

3.  An electronic machine that can store and process data.

4.  Computer programs; used to run hardware

8.  A ____ is 1 trillion bytes.

10.  A ____ is one million frequency cycles per second.

11.  The equipment that operates a hard or floppy disc.

14.  An electronic device that uses light- sensing equipment to scan paper images such as text, photos, and illustrations and translate the images into signals that the computer can then store, modify, or distribute.

16.  A small hand-held device, similar to a trackball, used to control the position of the cursor on the video display