Cyberworld crossword-2

WORD BANK:  Browser, byte, cdrom, computer, diskdrive, input, inputdevice, megabyte, memory, merge, mouse, multimedia, output, pdf, program, scanner, search, software, terabyte, touchpad.

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1  A format presented by Adobe Acrobat that allows documents to be shared over a variety of operating systems.

2  engine   Software that makes it possible to look for and retrieve material on the Internet, particularly the Web.

5  Temporary storage for information, including applications and documents.

6  To combine two or more files into a single file.

7  Most computers use combinations of eight bits, called           .

9  Data that goes into a computer device.

12  Software programs that combine text and graphics with sound, video, and animation.

13  Software used to navigate the Internet.

15  Compact Disc Read-Only Memory

17  This is an area on a laptop that substitutes for a mouse.

18  Information displayed on the monitor, sound from the speakers, and information printed to paper.

19  A device, such as a keyboard, stylus and tablet, mouse, puck, or microphone,




1  A precise series of instructions written in a computer language that tells the computer what to do and how to do it. Also called "software" or "applications."

3  An electronic machine that can store and process data.

4  Computer programs; used to run hardware

8  A__________ is 1 trillion bytes.

10  A________ is one million frequency cycles per second.

11  The equipment that operates a hard or floppy disc.

14  An electronic device that uses light- sensing equipment to scan paper images such as text, photos, and illustrations and translate the images into signals that the computer can then store, modify, or distribute.

16  A small hand-held device, similar to a trackball, used to control the position of the cursor on the video display